"36 degrees and it's getting hotter."

Exhausted athletes, hard-working hikers and all those seeking relaxation can relax their bodies and replenish their water reserves in the in-house wellness area. Head for the sauna and the refreshing tea bar! In addition, there are regenerative places in the relaxation room and you can end the day with loosened muscles and a warm feeling in your stomach. Important: For sustainable reasons, we only open our exclusive wellness oasis at fixed times and for a small surcharge of € 10 per person and day of use. If you are interested, please contact us on site and we will be happy to heat it up for you.

  • Wellness area in the basement
  • Sauna up to 90 degrees
  • Steam bath with approx. 45 degrees
  • Relaxation room with floating loungers
  • Refreshment bar with tea and waterr