"It was there before the street had names."

Homeless and poor people shaped the history of this house from 1883. But we can look back much further, because today's home1883 was one of the first farmhouses in the historic center of Garmisch. It was built as a typical mid-terrace house with the number 38 in 1610 and has experienced and accommodated a lot. For example the carpenter Martin, who bore the house name "Grainauer" and had the rafter's daughter Theresia at his side. Or the rafter "Brattihannes", who then moved in with his wife Maria. Whether they met with the Schofpauli around the corner or the neighbouring bull owner on the bench in front of the house, we do not know. But what we know is that the house burned to the ground in 1847 and was bought by the community in 1883 and converted into a poorhouse to be a home for needy locals for many years.

In 2013 we took over the empty building and renovated it with lot of respect and time. Now we look forward to opening new chapters in 2018 and maybe include you in the history that is yet to come.